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Merula (Character)
from "Rome" (2005)

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"Rome: Stealing from Saturn (#1.4)" (2005)
[while looking over Caesar's proposed guest list for the party]
Atia of the Julii: Servilia? Why invite her? Can there still be something between them? A rattled old sandal like her? Surely not.
Merula: Some juice in her yet.
Atia of the Julii: I'll not let that woman get between me and Caesar.
[she climbs onto the bed, where Antony is sleeping. She taps him on the back to wake him up]
Atia of the Julii: Why is Servilia invited to the party?
Mark Antony: Hmm?
Atia of the Julii: Servilia of the Junii, why is she invited?
Mark Antony: On account of her son, obviously. For this you wake me?
Atia of the Julii: Of course. He needs to keep Brutus as his symbolic friend, that's all. It would look ill with the people if Brutus were his enemy. There's no love there. It's just politics.
Mark Antony: Dear gods, woman, would you let me sleep?