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Eli Loker (Character)
from "Lie to Me" (2009)

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"Lie to Me: Depraved Heart (#1.8)" (2009)
Eli Loker: Her name was Louise Mason. She was a patient of one of Lightman's professors when he was in grad school. She had been in the psych ward about a month when that was recorded. She told the professor she was fine. No-one could see she was actually in agony. Lightman finally got the idea to slow down the film and that's when he saw the agony in her face. That's what led him to discover micro-expressions in the first place.
Ria Torres: I hope they didn't let that woman off the psych ward.
Eli Loker: She got a pass home for the weekend and killed herself.

"Lie to Me: Pilot (#1.1)" (2009)
Eli Loker: Here's the analysis from the blinking experiment.
Cal Lightman: Are you just getting in, Loker?
Eli Loker: [Practicing Radical Honesty] Yeah, I got pissed drunk last night with my roommate, and I was just lying in bed this morning thinking about how nasty hot Nancy Grace is, and just trying to decide if I was going to come in at all, 'cause it's not like there's anyone here to fantasize about.
Dr. Gillian Foster: No offense taken.
Eli Loker: I don't go for married women.

"Lie to Me: Darkness and Light (#2.21)" (2010)
Ria Torres: I'm a natural, remember?
Eli Loker: Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, so you're saying that you have accomplished nothing aside from just being born?

"Lie to Me: Do No Harm (#1.6)" (2009)
Eli Loker: Actually, I don't... I don't go out on many dates.
Farida Mugisha: Why not?
Eli Loker: People lie to you with polite conversation. Then, when they finally show themselves to you, you realize you've spent all that time with a stranger.

"Lie to Me: Double Blind (#3.4)" (2010)
Eli Loker: Old white people all look alike.
Ria Torres: You just figured that out?