Barbara Spooner
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Barbara Spooner (Character)
from Amazing Grace (2006)

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Amazing Grace (2006)
Barbara Wilberforce: It seems to me, that if there is a bad taste in your mouth, you spit it out. You don't constantly swallow it back.

Barbara Wilberforce: You still have passion! That matters more!

William Wilberforce: I'm against flowers in church. What have you to say?
Barbara Wilberforce: I am *for* them.
William Wilberforce: [both pause]
William Wilberforce: [resignedly] As am I.

Pitt the Younger: Barbara. You have my deepest condolescences.
Barbara Wilberforce: [feigning seriousness] Thank you.
Pitt the Younger: But do me a favour. Make him eat some of his pets.
Barbara Wilberforce: [picking up rabbit] I rather like them.
Pitt the Younger: I like them, too - in brandy sauce.

William Wilberforce: This is why I really shouldn't talk about it.
Barbara Wilberforce: I think you should.
Barbara Wilberforce: There, we found something we don't agree on.

Barbara Wilberforce: Because after night comes day.

Marianne Thornton: [at Barbara's wedding reception] Have you forgiven us, yet?
Barbara Wilberforce: Never.

Barbara Wilberforce: You're discussing politics with your eyes. You might as well do it with your mouths.

Barbara Wilberforce: Well I would have been bored by botany.

Barbara Wilberforce: Mr. Wilberforce, I understand that you have an interest in botany.
William Wilberforce: Botany, Miss Spooner? What makes you think I would have interest in something as tedious as botany?
[pause, then snorts. Both Barbara and Wilberforce choke with laughter]
William Wilberforce: [to the concerned people at the table] Sorry, it's a private joke.

Marianne Thornton: The Romans believed this water would restore the dead to life.
Barbara Wilberforce: [looking at it, unimpressed] Most pump water I've investigated works in the opposite direction.

Barbara Wilberforce: The people aren't so afraid, now the war in France is being won. And when they stop being afraid they rediscover their compassion.