Steve Myron
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Steve Myron (Character)
from "The Sarah Silverman Program." (2007)

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"The Sarah Silverman Program.: Muffin' Man (#1.5)" (2007)
Brian: Mannnn, I'm so jonesing for the T-A-B right now.
Steve: Alright. I get it. I shouldn't have asked you to try something new. You can quit punishing me now.
Brian: Why would I punish you Steve, when it's you who released me from a Tab-free prison of my own design, and led me to the discovery of my new favorite beverage... TAB?

Steve: Is this all you have?
Clerk: Uhh... yeah, I think...
Steve: That's too bad. It's his favorite.
Brian: You don't, like, sell a machine that makes Tab, do you? Wouldn't that be great, then I'd drink it all day. It's funny, I never even tried the stuff before this morning.
Steve: I know, I totally pushed it on him. I was a huge dick about it.
Brian: Oh, in his defense, it is such an important thing, I mean, here was this brand of soda I'd never tried before; you know, and I was about to go my whole life without ever trying it. Which is insane, right? And then I tried it, and now I know, it's the greatest thing ever! And I'm gonna drink it and talk about it for-e-v-er.
Steve: And I'm gonna be right there alongside him, helping him, because I love him.
Clerk: Cool.