Dr. Nicholas Rush
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Dr. Nicholas Rush (Character)
from "SGU Stargate Universe" (2009)

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"SGU Stargate Universe: Light (#1.5)" (2009)
[Dr. Rush walks into the mess hall]
Colonel Everett Young: Dr. Rush, have a seat. These two have even showered.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: No, thanks.
Colonel Everett Young: Aw, come on, we should celebrate.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Celebrate what? That we're back where we started?
[Eli lowers and shakes his head]
Lt. Matthew Scott: Aw, come on, have seat, Rush.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Some other time.
Colonel Everett Young: All right, well, Becker, give him a double ration. He deserves it.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Why's that then?
Colonel Everett Young: I'm in a good mood!
Dr. Nicholas Rush: We're to be rewarded at your whim, then?
Colonel Everett Young: No, no... just stop. What, you want- you want some reasons? I'll... I'll give you three. You were right about the power situation.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Not really.
Colonel Everett Young: You figured out the subspace communications, how to call the shuttle.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: We needed to get those supplies back.
Colonel Everett Young: You took your name out of the lottery.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: So did you.
Colonel Everett Young: I was injured. You actually made a sacrifice.
[Dr. Rush shakes his head, looks Young silently in the eyes]
Colonel Everett Young: [considers] Unless you knew... that Destiny was going to make it all along.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Cheers, everyone.
[Dr. Rush leaves the silent mess hall]

Colonel Everett Young: There's a rumor spreading that we're still here.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: We are. Destiny needed all its power reserves to protect itself, and us.
Eli Wallace: Uh, guys? We're *in* the star.
Colonel Everett Young: That can't be right. We're talkin' thousands of degrees.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Well, we've just flown through the corona, which is even hotter, to say nothing of magnetic fields, gravitational stresses. This is what Destiny intended from the moment it entered this star system.
Colonel Everett Young: You're telling me it flew into the sun on purpose?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Yes.
Colonel Everett Young: Why?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: To replenish its reserves.
Colonel Everett Young: You're telling me this ship...
Dr. Nicholas Rush: The ship is powered by the stars themselves. Solar powered, quite literally. There is no other explanation.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Air: Part 3 (#1.3)" (2009)
Dr. Nicholas Rush: [to Greer] Oh, well, it's *not* been a pleasure knowing you.

Colonel Everett Young: What's going on?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: [just returned from a sand planet] Oh, we've had lovely day at the beach. How about you?

"SGU Stargate Universe: Earth (#1.7)" (2009)
Ronald Greer: So you're saying that this ship was never going to explode.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Oh no, we most definitely all would be dead had I not put certain limits in place. I also arranged for the alarms and warnings to go off regardless. A bit of theater, always nice.

Dr. Nicholas Rush: Their plan was never going to work.
Matthew Scott: You could have warned us. You scared the crap out of everybody.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Human (#1.14)" (2010)
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Professor Rush? Professor Rush... Hi, I'm Dr. Daniel Jackson.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: So you are.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: I'm sorry to accost you here. I dropped by your office and they told me that you hadn't come in for the day.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Do you know, I really don't have time for this.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: Actually I think you're going to want to hear what I have to say. Is there someplace more private where we could talk?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: You're going to tell me about the stargate program. Your current dilemma - how to unlock the stargate's ninth and final chevron. Specifically, how much energy will be required.
Dr. Daniel Jackson: How do you know that? Those details are highly classified.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: The project hasn't even been named yet, has it? How about 'Icarus'? I know because it's already happened, and you're just a figment of my imagination. Reliving all of this is just a necessary evil, an unfortunate side-effect to a process I can't control, and it keeps getting in the bloody way of what I need to do. You, the university, the clouds in the sky, all just a dream, a distant memory, and one I'd really rather went away.

Gloria Rush: I've spent most of the last twenty years watching what I ate, denying myself the things I most love. And now, I could eat anything I want and nothing seems appealing.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: [Briefly looking up from notebook] Yeah.
Gloria Rush: Why are you here, Nick?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Because this is what happened.
Gloria Rush: You have work to do; go do it.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: I am doing it. It doesn't seem to matter where I am.
Gloria Rush: You have the chance to change so many things. The one thing you can't change is what's happening to me. Don't let that hold you back.
[Rush closes his notebook, stands and take's Gloria's hand]
Gloria Rush: When the time comes I know you'll be there.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Air: Part 1 (#1.1)" (2009)
Eli Wallace: Found anything?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: "Destiny."
Eli Wallace: As in, ours?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: The name of the ship translated from Ancient. I've also discovered that they were never here.
Eli Wallace: Thought this was an Ancient ship.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: It is. But they sent it out unmanned, planning to use the gate to get here when it was far enough out into the universe. But they probably learned to Ascend before that time.
Eli Wallace: Learned to what?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Ascension. It's a process whereby consciousness converts to energy and no longer requires a physical form.
Eli Wallace: That wasn't in the video.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Well, there's more than one video.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Awakening (#2.3)" (2010)
Adam Brody: We're not slowing down. We're on a collision course.
Colonel Everett Young: Ready main weapon.
Eli Wallace: We're gonna hit it.
Dr. Nicholas Rush: No, no, we're not going to hit it. We're going to dock with it.
[Destiny docks with the other ship]
Colonel Everett Young: You got any more predictions?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Yeah. I suspect that very shortly, you'll be assembling a team to send over there.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Malice (#2.8)" (2010)
Matthew Scott: [Looking through binoculars] Check it out!
Dr. Nicholas Rush: [Takes binoculars] What is it?
Matthew Scott: It's some kind of an animal.
Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: [With an enthusiastic voice] Is it something we can barbecue?

"SGU Stargate Universe: Sabotage (#1.16)" (2010)
[the ship jumps to FTL, temporarily breaking the communication stones' connection]
Camille Wray: Does this mean you fixed the ship?
Dr. Nicholas Rush: Camille?
Amanda Perry: No, it's me again.
Eli Wallace: Don't you hate that?

"SGU Stargate Universe: Cloverdale (#2.5)" (2010)
Dr. Nicholas Rush: But I can tell you that fear, well, it's just one of those things in this world that proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you're truly alive.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Time (#1.8)" (2009)
Dr. Nicholas Rush: For a moment there I thought we were in trouble