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Quotes for
Rose Woods (Character)
from Black Snake Moan (2006)

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Black Snake Moan (2006)
Rose Woods: [to Lazarus] Don't you lay a curse on me.
[everyone at the diner glares]
Rose Woods: Yeah, go on, look! SEE IF I GIVE A SHIT ABOUT *ANY* OF YOU PEOPLE!

Rose Woods: How many times we been over this, Laz? How many times?
Rose Woods: Thought we was gonna be friendly about this.
Lazarus: Carryin' on behind my back. Make me out to look like a fool to all our people. Tell me, what's friendly about that?
Rose Woods: I'm not ready to grow old, Laz. Livin' with you. I feel it. Like I'm one foot in the dirt. Saw it happen to my momma. And that's not gonna happen to me. I got living to do.
Lazarus: And you gonna live it with him?
Lazarus: Rose. Folks get sick. But you do what you can to get on the mend. Our marriage... it just got sick. That's all.
Rose Woods: Talk to me about sick. Ain't been right since I moved into that drafty house.
Lazarus: I kept the heat on...
Rose Woods: That damned, rusty, radiator, bout burned the skin off my legs each time I passed.
Lazarus: Kept us warm for twelve years.
Rose Woods: I deserve better than this.
Lazarus: Better than me?
Rose Woods: Better than what you give.
Lazarus: Rose, please...
Rose Woods: Laz... You can't say nothin'...
Lazarus: If we get with a counselor. At the church, maybe they's...
Rose Woods: I don't love you no more!