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Tina Blake (Character)
from "John from Cincinnati" (2007)

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"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Four (#1.5)" (2007)
Linc Stark: What's your name?
Tina Blake: Tina Blake.
Linc Stark: Really?
Tina Blake: I'm supposed to believe you didn't know?
Linc Stark: Honest to God. I'd never let myself watch porn otherwise I'd never do anything else. I feel like I'm meeting Babe Ruth.
Tina Blake: Did he fuck a lot of people at once?
Linc Stark: I'm Linc Stark.
Tina Blake: I feel like I'm meeting Babe Ruth.

Butchie Yost: What do you want?
Tina Blake: I want to see Shaun.
Butchie Yost: Yeah, he's in all the papers, then you remembered you're his Mother.

Tina Blake: [to Butchie] Yeah, and you're president of the I.B. morality brigade?

Tina Blake: I don't know what I'm doing.
Butchie Yost: Well, I never let that slow me up.

Linc Stark: I'll tell you something fucked up.
Tina Blake: It'll cost you an extra five hundred.
Linc Stark: I'm having a little trouble breathing.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Six (#1.7)" (2007)
Tina Blake: [to Linc] A really good friend of yours wants to pay me to ruin your life.

Jake Ferris: Do you have any children, Tina?
Tina Blake: One. Shaun Yost. I gave him away the day he was born.
Jake Ferris: And do you know who Shaun's Father was?
Tina Blake: Yes, I fucking know who his Father is. Butchie Yost. I left Shaunie with Butchie's parents.
Jake Ferris: And what do you do for a living?
Tina Blake: Adult film actress.
Jake Ferris: Do you know Linc Stark?
Tina Blake: Yes.
Jake Ferris: How did you meet him?
Tina Blake: He picked me up.
Jake Ferris: And do you have a contractual arrangement with Linc Stark involving your son, Shaun Yost?
Tina Blake: He's offered me a contractual arrangement.

Tina Blake: Are you asking me to fib?
Jake Ferris: Are you asking me to write you another check? 'Cause I will if you will.

Tina Blake: How did that go?
Linc Stark: Turned the tables on that cock sucker, thanks to your wiley ways.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Five (#1.6)" (2007)
Linc Stark: Stick around. Help me think.
Tina Blake: Yeah, that's what I'm good at.

Tina Blake: [to Linc] You fucked me cross eyed. I never took a cock that big.

Tina Blake: I can't come back, Butchie.
Butchie Yost: What? You got to suck some nigger's prick?

Shaun Yost: Are you staying in town?
Tina Blake: I'm not sure.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Seven (#1.8)" (2007)
Tina Blake: [To Linc] You win one free fuck.
Linc Stark: Thank you, very much.

Tina Blake: I'm fucking Linc.
Butchie Yost: Why would you tell me that?

Tina Blake: Would you like to go someplace?
Shaun Yost: Sure.
Tina Blake: Do you need to leave a message?
Shaun Yost: I'll leave one at the store.

Tina Blake: Shaun wants me to stay in I.B. Would you be okay with that?
Butchie Yost: Yeah, I'd be okay with it.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Eight (#1.9)" (2007)
Tina Blake: [on the phone] You mother fucker!
Cissy Yost: [on the phone] What did you call me?

Butchie Yost: We're just talking about Shaunie. I want you to know he's gonna be alright.
Tina Blake: How?

Linc Stark: He needs to be looked for. It has to happen under the radar.
Tina Blake: [to Butchie about Linc] He's helping find Shaun.

"John from Cincinnati: His Visit: Day Three (#1.4)" (2007)
Tina Blake: I'm looking for Butchie Yost.
Bill Jacks: Butchie's not here.