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Quotes for
Blake (Character)
from House of Wax (2005)

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House of Wax (2005)
Blake: [choosing who to give the keys to] Actually, I'm going to let my man drive.
[hands Dalton the keys]
Dalton Chapman: You heard the man, get in the car!
Nick Jones: [squeezes Dalton's nipple] Give me the keys.
Dalton Chapman: Okay!

Blake: [to Nick and Dalton] Are you two gonna have sex with each other? 'Cause me and Paige are.

Blake: [after Dalton is given a make-over] He looks like Elton John, only more gay.
Dalton Chapman: Elton John is gay?

Nick Jones: [stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the game] It's not moving.
Blake: It'll MOVE!
Paige Edwards: It's not moving.
Blake: It will!
Nick Jones: Turn it around! Dude, turn the car around!
[Blake leans his head down in defeat, hitting the horn and making it blare]

Wade: [sniffing something foul in the air] Something's dead out there.
Blake: [sniffing also] Nuh uh. Something's dead right here.

Blake: [to the stranger in the truck] Yo, man. You need something?
Carly Jones: What does he want?
Wade: Hey, can you turn off your lights, please?
[no response]
Paige Edwards: Okay, this is getting kinda creepy.
Blake: Hey, come on, man, get out of here! Nothing to see here, let's go!
Wade: Can we help you?
Carly Jones: Maybe we're on his property?
Wade: Nah, we didn't pass the gate.
Blake: Hey man, turn your lights off! Hello? Turn your lights off! No, I'm serious. Turn your lights off or I'll whip this on your ass!
Wade: Hey, hey, it's cool, man.
[Nick throws a bottle and smashes one of the headlights]
Carly Jones: NICK!
Carly Jones: Oh, my...
Dalton Chapman: [yelling at the man in the truck] WHAT?