John Reid
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John Reid (Character)
from "The Lone Ranger" (1949)

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The Lone Ranger (2013)
[from trailer]
Tonto: People think you are dead. Better you stay that way.
John Reid: You want me to wear a mask?
Tonto: There come a time, when good man must wear mask.

[from trailer]
John Reid: Why're you taking to that horse? Why am I covered in dirt?
Tonto: I buried you.
John Reid: Why am I alive?

[from trailer]
John Reid: If we ride together, we ride for justice.
Tonto: Justice is what I seek, Kemosabe.

Frank: [as Tonto and John are running down on top of a moving train, they run into Frank at gunpoint] Going somewhere?
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: [with chained hands in the air & connected to Tonto] No.
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: No.
Tonto: Yes.
John Reid: No.
Frank: [shouting] Shut up!
Tonto: [after a pause, Tonto see a mail hook approaching] Yes.
[the mail hook snags John's chains and hauls him and Tonto off]

Tonto: Nice Shot.
John Reid: That was supposed to be a warning shot.
Tonto: In that case, not so good.

[last lines]
John Reid: Hi ho Silver, away!
Tonto: Don't ever do that again.
John Reid: Sorry.

John Reid: [Silver has appeared on a rooftop to save them] The horse can fly?
Tonto: Don't be stupid.

Tonto: [Scorpions covering Tonto and Reid] Nature is definitely...
John Reid: ...out of balance.

Tonto: [trying to get Reid to kill Cavendish] Wendigo cut out brother's heart... where is brother's justice?
John Reid: I'm not a savage!
Tonto: You are not a man.

John Reid: Where did you get that?
Tonto: Make trade.
John Reid: With a dead man?
Tonto: Hard bargain.

John Reid: [On top of the train] That's the end of the line.
Tonto: We jump.
John Reid: What about the passengers?
Tonto: They jump.
John Reid: There are children on board!
Tonto: All jump.

John Reid: [after getting shot with an arrow] I thought you said I couldn't get shot.
Tonto: No. I said you cannot be killed.

The Legend of the Lone Ranger (1981)
Ranger Captain Dan Reid: Grant. Grant's comin' out here. He's gonna hunt buffalo, make speeches. Everybody in the whole town's gonna turn out there and wave little flags. Me? I'd like to piss on him.
John Reid: [laughing uncomfortably] He's the President of the United States.
Ranger Captain Dan Reid: He's a liar and a drunk. Piss on the president. Piss on the cabinet. He ain't gonna help us out here, you know. In Texas, robbers are outlaws. In Washington, robbers are elected. Isn't that right? Huh, Little Brother? John?
[John Reid is fast asleep]
Ranger Captain Dan Reid: I don't want to talk about it anymore.

John Reid: I read your article you wrote in the paper this morning.
Amy Striker: Oh? Did you like it?
John Reid: Well, you made me sound like a hero.

Tonto: The day may not be many winter counts away when all men will be brothers. A new Indian nation will come out of this time of change. Strong. Proud. United.
John Reid: Well then, let brother ride with brother.

[first lines]
First Scalphunter: You got him! You got him!
Young John Reid: Shh, sit down. Get down!
Young Tonto: Leave me alone!
First Scalphunter: You ain't never gonna find that little redskin.
Second Scalphunter: When I do, I'm gonna scalp him.
Young John Reid: [whispering] Go. It's alright. Come on.
Second Scalphunter: The little injun's somewhere.
Young John Reid: [whispering] Get down.
First Scalphunter: They're at the Reid place. Come on, we're missin' it.
Young John Reid: The ranch. The ranch! Dad! Ma! Dad!

"The Lone Ranger: Enter the Lone Ranger (#1.1)" (1949)
John Reid: Yes, they were brave and they won't be forgotten. I've spent a lot of time thinking. For everyone of those men I'm going to bring a hundred law breakers to justice. I'll make that Cavendish gang, and every criminal that I can find for that matter, regret the day those rangers were killed. Tonto, from this moment on I'm going to devote my life to establishing law and order in this new frontier to make the west a decent place to live.

John Reid: Only you, Tonto, know I'm alive. To the world, I'll be buried here. Beside my brother and my friends. Forever.
Tonto: You all alone now. Last man. You are lone ranger.
John Reid: Yes, Tonto. I am the Lone Ranger.