Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta
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Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta (Character)
from "The Sopranos" (1999)

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"The Sopranos: Remember When (#6.15)" (2007)
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Hey, Tone. Remember when we all rented that house down the Shore? With the bedbugs? Heh, heh.
Tony Soprano: [nods]
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: Summer of '78. Carlo, Silvio, Frankie Napoli.
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Place up the beach. Sonny Spits from the Bronx rented it? That's where that hippie kid "mysteriously" drowned during that party. Heh, heh.
Tony Soprano: [glares at Paulie]
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: Hey, Tony. You OK?
Tony Soprano: Yeah, yeah.
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: You sure, T? You're being kinda quiet.
Tony Soprano: Well, it's 'cause, uh, "remember when" is the lowest form of conversation.
Tony Soprano: [gets up and leaves]

Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: [about Paulie] Back in the day, 70's, fuckin' 80's, you didn't make a move in North Jersey without this one up your ass.
Anika: [laughs] I wasn't even born yet.
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Please. Wanna talk about stand-up guys?
[points to Beansie; everyone is quiet because Beansie is wheelchair bound]
Paulie 'Walnuts' Gualtieri: Sorry, Beans.

Tony Soprano: [Referring to Paulie] you should've seen him out there, he could handle himself his got the balls of twenty year old, his my friend but can't stop, his such s bladder mouth, he asks me not tell anyone about his prostate I say "sure" then he tells everybody
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: He was always like that, You forgot, one time I fell asleep while he was on the phone, I wake up twenty minutes later and he was still going
Tony Soprano: I've got to say, it concerns me lately
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: People live alone and they get like that it's sad
Tony Soprano: [Referring to Beanie's wife] you married a good woman the way she stood by you?
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: That's what Paulie doesn't have and I'm speaking to your point, his got no wife and no kids
Tony Soprano: His got so steady income stream either, except for Barone which is coming to an end, I told him if you can't legitimate income your vulnerable to the Feds he don't do shit about it
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: I think you're worrying for nothing
Tony Soprano: Things are going great finally, maybe I'm just waiting "for the other shoe to drop"
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: All I know is Paulie Gualtieri is a standup guy
Tony Soprano: Has he been ever to the test? He had this painting in his house, I was all dressed up as a general
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: [laughing] I heard about that
Tony Soprano: It pissed me off I thought it was a fucking joke but now I don't think it was
Peter 'Beansie' Gaeta: He loves Tony, your all his got, you, the guys, and his image
Tony Soprano: I love him too