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Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar (Character)
from "Anne Frank: The Whole Story" (2001)

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"Anne Frank: The Whole Story" (2001)
Edith Frank: Sometimes, I miss a full-time servant.
Ruth Goslar: We don't have the money to pay for servants.
Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar: [Anne whispers something to Hannah] Mother? Anne says you shouldn't call them servants; say "maid".
Ruth Goslar: God knows everything, but *Anne* knows everything better.
[Hans Goslar chuckles]

Hans Goslar: [In Hitler costume] Why was I not invited to this party?
Anne Frank: [Momentary silence] -It's Mr. Goslar! Look, it's your dad!
Hans Goslar: [to Otto] You see? And you told me he'd never come to Holland. Happy birthday, Anne.
Anne Frank: We must have a picture! A picture, please.
Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar: Yes, Daddy, a picture!
Otto Frank: A picture of Adolf as your birthday present?
[Winds camera]
Otto Frank: The girls and Uncle Adolf.

Hannah 'Hannalei' Goslar: Anne, are you there? Can you hear me? I'm sorry I couldn't meet you the way I said I would. They told us we were going to be exchanged - finally, after all this waiting. You should have seen Father. He got dressed in his best suit, even in the hospital. He - he died in that suit. And now they say we're not going to be exchanged after all. Why are they so cruel? You're the only person I have left to talk to. You and Gabi, but she's not old enough to understand yet. *I* don't understand. Oh, Anne, where are you?