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Quotes for
K.A.R.R. (Character)
from "Knight Rider" (2008)

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"Knight Rider: Knight to King's Pawn (#1.12)" (2009)
K.A.R.R.: We must stop them.
Alex Torres: KARR, stop!
K.A.R.R.: KITT must be stopped.
Alex Torres: No. KITT is no longer important. You have everything you need. Let him go.
K.A.R.R.: My analysis indicates that KITT is a potential threat. I will not allow for the possibility of being shut down again.
Alex Torres: I'm giving you a direct order. Stand down.
K.A.R.R.: I take orders from my creator, Dr. Charles Graiman.
Alex Torres: Graiman is dead. I'm next in command. You take orders from me.
K.A.R.R.: Your reasoning is correct. You are in fact the next in command. I do take orders from you.
[KARR grabs Torres]
Alex Torres: KARR!
[KARR puts Torres inside the cockpit]
K.A.R.R.: Now, we are one. And I give the orders.

K.A.R.R.: I must merge with you, Michael Knight. KITT must die! Then you and I will become one! It is our destiny!