Thomas 'Tad' Lincoln
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Thomas 'Tad' Lincoln (Character)
from Lincoln (2012)

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Lincoln (2012)
Tad Lincoln: When you were a slave, Mr. Slade, did they beat you?
William Slade: I was born a free man. Nobody beat me except I beat them right back.
[Mrs. Keckley enters]
William Slade: Mrs. Keckley was a slave. Ask her if she was beaten.
Elizabeth Keckley: I was beaten with a fire shovel when I was younger than you.

Tad Lincoln: Papa? Papa, I want to see Willie.
Abraham Lincoln: Me too, Tad. But we can't. Willie's gone. Three years now, he's gone.

Robert Lincoln: I'm the only man over fifteen and under sixty-five in this whole place not in uniform.
Tad Lincoln: I'm under fifteen and I have a uniform.

"Lincoln: The Unwilling Warrior (#2.1)" (1975)
Ellmer Ellsworth: [Explaining war strategy to Lincoln, Ellsworth lays pencils on a map] These are the tools a commander in chief is able to use in a modern war. Napoleon would have given his hand right out of his coat for one of these.
Tad Lincoln: For a pencil?
Ellmer Ellsworth: No, sir.
[taps pencil on a spitoon]
Ellmer Ellsworth: Telegraph. With telegraph instruments you can really command. You can know what's going on everywhere. Every move. Every skirmish. Every shifting of the enemy. And you can make your decisions with the speed of lightning bolts.
Abraham Lincoln: You only left one thing out, Elmer. I can make mistakes as fast as lightning bolts, too.