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Quotes for
Biggie Smalls (Character)
from Let's Do It Again (1975)

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Let's Do It Again (1975)
Beth Foster: Kansas City Mack! Kansas City Mack! You think I work for that small time country chump? You surprise me Mr. Smalls. You ain't got the smarts I thought you had.
Biggie Smalls: What?
Beth Foster: I work for the New Syndicate, sugar. I'm on the road 10 days out of every month. And all I do is move money from one city to another. Now that money is theirs. And they want it, in Chicago, with *me* by morning!
Biggie Smalls: You're lying.
Beth Foster: You try me.
[Biggie's girlfriend points a gun in Beth's face]
Beth Foster: Will you tell this child to take this thing out of my face before I make her eat it?
[turns to Biggie Smalls]
Beth Foster: You better let me call Chicago.
[Beth calls Billy]
Beth Foster: Hello, Chief?
Beth Foster: I'm having trouble with the pick up!
Beth Foster: He's right here.
[Hands the phone to Biggie Smalls]
Biggie Smalls: [Biggie Smalls takes the phone] Hello?
Billy Foster: Hey! Are you crazy? Now I hear your 6 foot tall and good looking. How would you like to be 4 foot tall and ugly, down in the river with a box of cement? Now we want the woman, and the money, in Chicago by morning. Nice talking to you, Biggie.
Biggie Smalls: [Biggie hangs up phone, then turns to Beth] Take it.
Beth Foster: Jive turkey!