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Quotes for
Parker Kovak (Character)
from "Producing Parker" (2009)

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"Producing Parker: In Dee Club (#1.7)" (????)
[first lines]
Parker Kovak: Oh my God! It's disgusting. It's repulsive. It's downright disrespectful.
Simon Nolan: [looking at Chicago's flashing underwear] It's not as good as yesterday. She wasn't wearing underwear.
Parker Kovak: Not her. This.
[hands over a wedding invitation card]

Chicago Hyatt: I don't believe in pants.
Parker Kovak: And apparently underwear on some days.
Chicago Hyatt: Tuesdays and Thursdays. It has to breathe.

Parker Kovak: Sorry, I'm just not that kind of girl.
Chicago Hyatt: Well, I am. Give him over.

Chicago Hyatt: Parker, don't you know Chicago's number one rule of life?
Parker Kovak: [guessing] Don't work too hard?
Chicago Hyatt: No, that's rule number two. Rule number one is this: Something is only embarrassing when you're embarrassed.
Parker Kovak: That actually makes sense to me.

"Producing Parker: Dog Dee Afternoon (#1.6)" (????)
Parker Kovak: It wasn't that bad.
Dee: Your dog bit me.
Parker Kovak: Yeah, but you bit him first.
Dee: Either way, it was traumatic.

"Producing Parker: Episode #1.4" (????)
Parker: How dare you? You're the worst best friend ever.
Dee: But I thought best friends share everything.
Parker: Yeah, with each other. But a best friend doesn't put her best friend's fanoodle on TV for the entire world to see.
Chicago Hyatt: Yeah, that's what the Internet's for.