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Quotes for
Anthony Rester (Character)
from "Death Note" (2006)

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"Death Note: Ijou: Transfer (#1.31)" (2007)
Anthony Rester: Near, we have to evacuate immediately.
Near: Really, what pathetic people. I'm not surprised that there are ordinary people who support what Kira is trying to do. I'm talking about honest citizens who believe in their hearts that by punishing evil-doers Kira will actually make this world a better place to live, but as for this crowd outside, they're a completely different breed. They are truly despicable and stupid. This is just a diversion for them. They're all selfish.

"Death Note: Seigi: Justice (#1.30)" (2007)
Near: The current Kira is foolish and over-confident, not to mention unusually cooperative with Task Force. So much so that I suspect he's working hand-in-hand with them.
Anthony Rester: You think so?
Near: That would make the second L and Kira one and the same person.