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Quotes for
Sarah (Character)
from Fever Pitch (2005)

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Fever Pitch (2005)
[Robin has just announced that her husband is buying Ben's Red Sox tickets. Lindsey asks whether she means for just that day]
Robin: No, I mean like forever. For $125,000, it better be forever.
Sarah: Are you guys that rich?
Robin: Yeah.
Sarah: Why don't you dress better?

Sarah: Die, Nazi spin bitch!

[at the gym, Lindsey and Robin are wearing boxing gloves and are hitting punching-bags]
Robin: You know what's happening here? You're being colonized.
Lindsey Meeks: What?
Robin: Colonized. It's like in the old days, when the French and the English would go into Asia and Africa, and they'd raise their flags, and they'd impose their culture, and they'd colonize. It's like, Sarah, when you cut your hair 'cause that guy liked short hair.
[Sarah rolls her eyes]
Lindsey Meeks: Well, wait a minute. You guys are married. Isn't that a part of it? Accommodating each other? You know: How many kids are we gonna have? Where are we gonna live? What pizza place are we gonna order from? Doesn't it require some pliability? Because maybe that's something that I've been lacking in my life.
Robin: [implacably] Isn't it affecting your work?
Lindsey Meeks: No. Not so much.
Molly: You know what I just realized? You're rooting for her relationship to fail.
Sarah: No.
Robin: What? That's right, why would I do that?
Molly: Never mind.
Robin: No. No, come on, tell me.
Molly: All right. You and Lindsey are both very competitive. Especially with each other.
Robin: She's more competitive than I am!
Lindsey Meeks: I am not!
Molly: And when you were both starting out, you were the more successful one. But now Lindsey's career has skyrocketed, and she's more successful. But you've had the personal success, the marriage. And if Lindsey gets that too, then she's definitely the winner, so you're rooting against her.
[Robin socks Molly in the face]