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Quotes for
Stanley (Character)
from Fluppy Dogs (1986) (TV)

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Fluppy Dogs (1986) (TV)
[repeated line]
Stanley: Adventure, Jamie. Adventure!

Ozzie: Can we go through?
Stanley: It's got be better than this place.
[to the others]
Stanley: Everybody in, quickly!

Wagstaff: [in his car, on the phone] If they give us trouble, buy them out.
[covering the mic with his hand]
Wagstaff: Hamish, what's the hold-up?
Hamish: Uh, looks like dogs loose on the street, Mr. Wagstaff.
Stanley: [jumping onto the car hood and calling to the others] This way!
Wagstaff: That dog talked!
[getting out of the car, accidently hitting a policeman, then pulling him up by his collar]
Wagstaff: That dog talked!