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Quotes for
Boy (Character)
from The Road (2009/I)

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The Road (2009/I)
The Boy: It's bubbly

[from trailer]
The Boy: Are we gonna die?
The Man: We are not gonna quit. We are gonna survive this.

The Boy: How do I know you're one of the good guys?
Veteran: You don't. You'll just have to take a shot.

The Boy: How many people do you think are still alive?
The Man: In the world? Not very many.

[from trailer]
The Man: You have to keep carrying the fire.
The Boy: What fire?
The Man: The fire inside you.

The Man: Listen, we have to talk. That man back there... There's not many good guys left, that's all. We have to watch out for the bad guys. We have to just... keep carrying the fire.
The Boy: What fire?
The Man: The fire inside you.
The Boy: Are we still the good guys?
The Man: Yes, we're still the good guys. Of course we are.
The Boy: And we always will be? No matter what happens?
The Man: Always will.

The Boy: [they just ate two crickets after narrowly escaping from the cannibal house where people are locked in the basement until ready to be eaten] We would never eat anybody, would we?
The Man: No, of course not.
The Boy: No matter how hungry we were?
The Man: Uh nuh.
The Boy: Even if we were starving?
The Man: We're starving now.
The Boy: Because we're the good guys.
The Man: Yes.
The Boy: And we're carrying the fire.
The Man: [with a very proud smile] Yes.

The Boy: Are you carrying the fire?
Veteran: Am I what?
The Boy: Carrying the fire.
Veteran: You're kind of weirded out, aren't you, kid?
The Boy: Well, are you?
Veteran: Yeah. I'm carrying the fire.

[last lines]
Motherly Woman: I'm so glad to see you. We were following you. Did you know that? We saw you with your papa. We're so lucky. We were so worried about you, and now we don't have to worry about a thing. How does that sound? Is that okay?
The Boy: Okay.