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Quotes for
Bazza (Character)
from "Spellbinder" (1995)

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"Spellbinder: Reunions (#1.19)" (1997)
Tim: I love Saturday mornings.
Sandra: You think we'll be able to enjoy them as much once we have children?
[Josie, Riana and Ben charge through their house, exiting through the back door]
Josie: Sorry.
[the two punks chasing them burst into the house]
Tim: Look here, chaps, this just won't do!
Bazza: Where are they, mate?
[Tim points after the trio and the punks continue the chase]
Sandra: I don't think I want to have children after all.

[the two punks had Josie, Riana and Ben cornered in the harbor warehouse]
Josie: Wrack off, you creeps!
Tommo: You freaks wrecked my car and made me look like an idiot and now you're gonna pay.
[Alex enters to create a diversion]
Alex: Excuse me. Hi, I'm from the Young Friendly Society and we've just opened a new activity center for young, homeless youth. Would you guys be interested in joining?
Bazza: Take a hike, snot features.
Alex: Well, we have a ping-pong table and three chess sets.
Tommo: Got any punching bags? How's you like to become one?
[grabs Alex]
Alex: Paul!
[Paul enters, wearing the power suit]
Paul: Leave him alone!
Bazza: And who do you think you are, RoboFlop?
Alex: Oh, you guys are in trouble now.
Tommo: Oh, really?
Paul: Really!
[fires several power bolts to drive them away]
Paul: Want some more?