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Quotes for
Amy (Character)
from Disaster Movie (2008)

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Disaster Movie (2008)
Will: [singing] I'm fucking Matt Damon.
Amy: You're fucking Matt Damon?
Amy: Well I'm fucking Hannah Montana!
Hannah Montana: [singing] She's fucking Hannah Montana! Backstage, at my concert, fucks me on my parents' bed! After school, at my locker, in the car I give her head! I'm also fucking the Flava!
Flava-Flav Look-A-Like: [singing] Yeah, it's Flava-Flav, foo'! You know what time it is, 'cause I'm fucking Juney too!
Juney: [singing] Yeah, I know, but it's true: Flava-Flav, he fucks me too.
Michael Cera Look-A-Like: [singing] And I swap with Calvin, and he swaps with that dude.
All: And we're all fucking Hellboy!

Amy: [as she is leaving Wills sweet sixteen party] You know what will, every time we made love I was thinking about another guy!
Will: Well so was I!