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Quotes for
Tao (Character)
from "Thunderstone" (1999)

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"Thunderstone: Trapped (#1.5)" (1999)
Tao: You must be the clever one. Who are you?
Noah Daniels: Listen, I just want to access your power supply.
Tao: Share my technology with a Nomad?
Tao: Come on.
Noah Daniels: I am not a Nomad.
Tao: Then what are you?
Noah Daniels: I'm not from here. Things are very different where I come from.
Tao: Different? How?
Noah Daniels: We're civilized, for a start. You call yourself a leader. You're a barbarian.
Tao: Is that right?
Noah Daniels: Well, you terrorize people, even little kids. It's pathetic.
Tao: Brainwashed by Arushka. What a waste.
Noah Daniels: She has nothing to do with it.
Tao: Then why does the fearless, clever one need my power source?

"Thunderstone: The Lion (#1.6)" (1999)
Tao: They can run but there's no place to hide.

"Thunderstone: Sabotage (#1.9)" (1999)
Tao: What ideas are in your head, warrior girl?
Arushka: I'm not a warrior. I hate fighting. It's a waste of time.