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Tom Tree, Steward (Character)
from Carry on Cruising (1962)

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Carry on Cruising (1962)
[Haines, while looking for the kitchen, enters a small cabin]
Haines: Well, this isn't the kitchen!
Tom Tree: I should say not. It's the Captain's day cabin.
Haines: [Looks around:] Cosy, very cosy. I don't suppose you know where the kitchen is?
Tom Tree: Sorry, chum, I'm a stranger round here myself.
Haines: Another new face? You'll cop the lot!
[Haines exits]

[Captain Crowther enters his cabin, and finds Tom Tree putting clothes in the drawers]
Captain: Don't tell me. You're my new steward. Lovall has broken his leg. You've only done three trips, all from Tower Bridge to Margate.
Tom Tree: That's right, sir. How can you tell?
Captain: I'm psychic!
[Glances at his list]
Captain: Tom Tree.
Tom Tree: That's right, sir. Branches everywhere!