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Mohan Singh (Character)
from Sharpe's Challenge (2006) (TV)

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Sharpe's Challenge (2006) (TV)
Richard Sharpe: What do you reckon then, Pat? This Khande Rao can be taken?
Patrick Harper: Well he has a reputation of being a real monster.
Mohan Singh: [comes up from behind a tent] If he is a monster, Mr. Harper, then he's one of British making.
Richard Sharpe: How's that, Captain?
Mohan Singh: The Company have only maintained the peace here, by keeping the princes at each other's throats. Khande Rao's father: he feared his neighbours more than he hated the British. And so it was your country that kept him supplied with arms.
Patrick Harper: That sounds just like the English: getting someone else to do its dirty work!
Mohan Singh: The son is not the father, however: Khande Rao wants you out of our country; once and for all. It is a view with which I cannot say I do not have some sympathy.
Richard Sharpe: So why are you fighting with us?
Mohan Singh: Khande Rao is... a sworn enemy of my blood. And that makes you my enemy's enemy, and therefore, a necessary evil. Good day to you
[inclines his head]
Mohan Singh: both.
Patrick Harper: I don't think I like the sound of that. A necessary evil...
Richard Sharpe: Were we ever been else?
Patrick Harper: Oh... ,and there was me thinking we were always on the side of the angels.

Mohan Singh: Mr. Harper! Well, it would appear we have been premature in our prayers at your passing.
Patrick Harper: Luck of the Irish, captain. You can't beat it!

General Sir Henry Simmerson: A battle's no place for private vengeance, Captain. Not when there's a job to be done.
Mohan Singh: Sir, whether I fight for my blood, or for the sake of his Britannic Majesty, a dead bandit is a dead bandit!
General Sir Henry Simmerson: Very well, if you're so resolved, I suppose you must go.
Mohan Singh: Thank you sir.

Mohan Singh: Where are you going?
Richard Sharpe: [points at the scene of the massacre] After the bastards that did this, where do you think?