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Maggie Dawson (Character)
from "Quantum Leap" (1989)

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"Quantum Leap: The Leap Home: Part 2 (Vietnam) - April 7, 1970 (#3.2)" (1990)
[Maggie Dawson half-listens to Col. Deke Grimwald's story as she snaps photos of his men]
Col. Deke Grimwald: So, there I was this Saturday on the reviewing stand with my dad. The base photographer snapped my picture. He caught me saluting the colors as they passed in review. It was so damn cute they put it in the base newspaper. That was 1938.
Maggie Dawson: [more about what she just saw through her camera] I'll be damned.
Col. Deke Grimwald: Yeah, I know. It just never seemed fair somehow. I mean, I did it first, all I got was the base newspaper. Hell, John-John's salute made the cover of LIFE.
[Maggie looks at the Colonel with shocked incredulity on her face over such a petty comment. It doesn't register with him]