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Dr. Daley (Character)
from "Bless Me Father" (1978)

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"Bless Me Father: The Heart of a Curate (#2.4)" (1979)
Dr Daley: Strange thing the appendix, you know. It often gives people terrible trouble but nobody knows quite what its function is - a bit like our revered parish priest.

Dr Daley: Ah, Mrs. Pring! What luck you just happened to be in the vicinity of the keyhole.

Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: Well, he's led a very sheltered life, Donald, and for a young man lyin' on his bed there, he could very easily be swept off his feet.
Dr Daley: Have you been at the bottle before I arrived?

Father Neil Boyd: I'll be honest with you, doctor...
Dr Daley: Well, that's a rare thing in a Roman priest, Father Neil.

"Bless Me Father: All at Sea (#2.5)" (1979)
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: Fellow by the name of Driscoll. Now, I want some information about him.
Dr Daley: [gesturing for a drink] I'm yours, Charles, if you can afford me.
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: There's no liquor about this morning, Donald. The tides have gone out.

Dr Daley: D'you know, the poor follow was dead for two drinks before I even noticed?

Dr Daley: Another drink?
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: No.
Dr Daley: You know, sometimes, Charles, I think if you were a hen you'd lay hardboiled eggs.

"Bless Me Father: Blessings from Heaven (#2.1)" (1979)
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: Well, since it's your fault that I can not pick up the fifty pound, I expect you to do something to atone for it.
Dr. Daley: Well, I'll scratch you out a check this very instant.
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: Ah. And write clear, mind. That's not a prescription.

Dr. Daley: You know, when your back's to the wall, there's nothin' for it but turn and run.

"Bless Me Father: The Tennis Match (#1.6)" (1978)
[Father Duddleswell wants a Doctor's certificate to get out of his tennis match; the already inebriated Dr. Daley wants a drink]
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: I'll pour you a drink when you've done the necessary.
Dr Daley: Ha-ha, why keep me suffering in purgatory when I should be happy in Heaven.
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: [ready to pour] Donald, I am not a fit man.
Dr Daley: You look healthy to me, Charles.
[Duddleswell sets down the bottle]
Dr Daley: Course I could be wrong, naturally.
[Duddleswell pours a drink]
Dr Daley: On the other hand...
[Duddleswell covers drink with his free hand]
Dr Daley: Oh... Oh, I can see that if you don't take care of yourself, you'll soon be stretched in the big box.
[Duddleswell hands over the glass]
Dr Daley: [raising glass in a toast] Your bad health, Charles.

Dr Daley: [raising a glass] You know, I'm never happier than when I'm seein' double, except when I'm seein' triple.

"Bless Me Father: The Bell of St Jude's (#1.2)" (1978)
Bishop O'Reilly: So, Dr. Daley, you are the personal physician to our two fathers here?
Dr Daley: [obviously tipsy] I, uh, I am, my Lord, uh... I... I make sure they drink plenty... of the juice of the cow.

Dr Daley: May the luck stick to Your Lordship like a beggar from the bog.

"Bless Me Father: The Parish Bazaar (#1.3)" (1978)
Dr Daley: Your pulse is perfectly normal for a man in your shocking condition.

"Bless Me Father: The Season of Goodwill (#2.6)" (1979)
Dr. Daley: So Pontius, uh, put the mark of the beast on your bumper?
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: He did, indeed, but I'll get me revenge.
Dr. Daley: Good Catholic sentiments, Charles.
Father Neil Boyd: Remember, it's Christmastime, Father.
Dr. Daley: I don't suppose you'd, uh, let me examine the site of the excavations?
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: It's in a spot that nature forbids even let ME to look at.

"Bless Me Father: A Back to Front Wedding (#2.7)" (1980)
Dr. Daley: That was a powerful marriage sermon you gave us this evening, Charles.
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: Did ya like it?
Dr. Daley: Hm. So full of good sense, yeah - they'll never make you a bishop.

"Bless Me Father: Beddings and Weddings (#3.3)" (1981)
Father Neil Boyd: So there ARE some benefits of age.
Dr Daley: If you wait long enough, Father Neil, you don't have to turn your back on the Devil, the world and the flesh.
Father Charles Clement Duddleswell: They turn their back on you.