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Ida Downs (Character)
from Carry on Girls (1973)

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Carry on Girls (1973)
Ida Downs: What do you want us to wear?
Sid Fiddler: Oh, anything that brings out your best... points Miss...?
Ida Downs: Downs, Ida Downs.
Sid Fiddler: Ah, I bet you come from Beds.
Ida Downs: No - Bristol.
Sid Fiddler: I should have guessed.
Ida Downs: I've got a rather smashing two-piece swimsuit.
Sid Fiddler: Great - just wear one piece of that!
Ida Downs: Will they publish pictures like that?
Larry: Not in my paper!

Ida Downs: Oh! You're a dirty old man!
Admiral: [to Connie] Mrs. Philpotts, I wish to complain. This young woman molested me.
Ida Downs: Well, I like that!
Admiral: Whether you like it or not, my dear, is quite immaterial.
Sid Fiddler: [to Ida] Yes, all right, darling, I'll sort it out.
Admiral: Cheeky little thing! I'd like to put her across my knee.
Connie Philpotts: I'm sure you would, Admiral!