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Buck Cantrell (Character)
from Jezebel (1938)

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Jezebel (1938)
Preston Dillard: You haven't a partner you have to meet, Cantrell?
Buck Cantrell: Why, no. Came alone.
Preston Dillard: [they glare at each other] Pleasant evening, isn't it?
Buck Cantrell: Mighty pleasant. Nice and cool...
Preston Dillard: [pointedly] Do you find it cool in here? I don't find it particularly cool. Do you, Julie?
Julie Marsden: [looks up at Pres] Why... Why, no.
Preston Dillard: [steps towards Buck] I don't find it particularly cool. Miss Julie doesn't find it so.
Buck Cantrell: [stares at Pres] Why, no. Now you speak of it, it's just about right.
Preston Dillard: Seems so to me.
Buck Cantrell: [glares at Pres as a waltz begins] Your servant. Yours, Miss Julie.
[bows to Julie]

Buck Cantrell: To the very good health of the future Mrs. Dillard.
Julie Marsden: Buck, aren't you going to wish me happiness, too?
Buck Cantrell: What's the use? You won't get it, marrying a traitor and going up North.
Julie Marsden: Pres is a banker, not a traitor. I'll thank you to remember that.

Buck Cantrell: Look here, Miss Julie. You were out here a mighty long time with Pres Dillard.
Julie: Oh, please, Buck. Pres had just been punishing the brandy, and...
Buck Cantrell: My back teeth! Did he lose his capacity to drink like a gentleman in the North, too? What does he think a lady's house is? A riverboat bar? What did he do?
Julie: Oh, Buck. I wouldn't have some silly thing I said be the cause of anything.
Buck Cantrell: Miss Julie, you won't be the cause of anything. Depend on me.
Julie: Thank you, Buck.

Buck Cantrell: I like my convictions undiluted, same as I do my bourbon.

General Bogardus: [warning Cantrell about dueling] Cantrell, you're a fool! De Lautuc's an old hand. Been out a dozen times.
Buck Cantrell: 13's liable to be unlucky for De Lautruc. You know, these French. They shoot for the head and, like as not, miss. I'm gonna shoot for the body and bust his tripes.