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Sadie McKee (Character)
from Sadie McKee (1934)

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Sadie McKee (1934)
Opal: Feeling better?
Sadie McKee Brennan: Yes, thanks to you.
Opal: You're gonna find out about men - -the tripe.
Sadie McKee Brennan: No, thanks. Not interested.
Opal: Swell. They come to my dump to get taken, see? And if you're smart...
[to woman in subway]
Opal: Am I talking loud enough?
Sadie McKee Brennan: I'm kind of sick of men.
Opal: Oh, you're crazy. They've got what we want, all of it. And every gal has her price. Yours ought to be high.
[to woman on subway]
Opal: Every gal has her price. I don't know what got, but you sure gyped somebody.

Sadie McKee Brennan: [showing off her bedroom] Here it is.
Opal: Lady, when you say, "I do take thee," how you take him.
Sadie McKee Brennan: [chuckles]
Opal: Got this all to yourself?
Sadie McKee Brennan: Yep, all to myself.
Opal: Always all to yourself?
Sadie McKee Brennan: Yep.
Opal: Well, a whole lot of us do a whole lot more for a whole lot less.

Sadie McKee Brennan: What a break for us.

Sadie McKee Brennan: Tommy, look, corned beef hash and pouched egg, for 30 cents.

Jack Brennan: Hey, you're a great girl, Sadie. Is your mother alive?
Sadie McKee Brennan: Yeah.
Jack Brennan: Oh, that's fine. I'll tell you what we'll do. We'll send her a little present, huh? Anything you like. We'll send her a season pass to the Yankee stadium, huh? Ha-ha, yes, yes, just a little present, just a little present.
[Passes out, drunk]

Sadie McKee Brennan: You get some sleep, so we can celebrate some more.
Jack Brennan: We'll celebrate all our lives. Nothing, but, celebrate.

Michael Alderson: Hey, what happened to those freckles?
Sadie McKee Brennan: [laughs] I outgrew them, I guess.
Michael Alderson: [Looking her over] You did a pretty good job of outgrowing a lot of things.

Opal: [Looking at Sadie's newspaper on the table] Hey, what are you doing with these? Keeping track of Tommy?
Sadie McKee Brennan: Mmm hmm.
Opal: Listen, are you gonna be nuts about that canary all your life?
Sadie McKee Brennan: I'm afraid so.
Opal: Well, control yourself because you got everything. Everything!

Sadie McKee Brennan: [Talking to Tommy on the telephone] Hello, Tommy.
Tommy Wallace: Sadie, when I saw you this afternoon, my heart stopped.
Sadie McKee Brennan: Yes, I know. I felt the same way. Only that was this afternoon.

Michael Alderson: Sadie, I've known you a long while.
Sadie McKee Brennan: You used to like me, didn't you?
Michael Alderson: A lot. A whole lot. Why not go back to being a sweet girl?
Sadie McKee Brennan: Well, what do you want me to do?

Sadie McKee Brennan: [to Dolly] Instead of thanking you, I could kill you and love it.

Tommy Wallace: [Lying in a hospital bed] I never stopped being crazy about you.
Sadie McKee Brennan: I know that.
Tommy Wallace: I've been lying here thinking about you every second I'm awake.
Sadie McKee Brennan: Tommy...
Tommy Wallace: Don't shut me up!