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Amy Maddik (Character)
from The Crush (1993)

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The Crush (1993)
Adrian Forrester: God Amy, when I grow up I hope I can be just as smart as you.
Amy Maddik: [Dismissively as she rides away] Adrian, Go play...

Adrian Forrester: [Seeing Nick talking to a blonde and trying to rattle Amy] Hey, looks like Nick made a friend. God, she's pretty! She's just like a model.
Amy Maddik: [Dismissively] If you like that kind of thing.
Adrian Forrester: Don't worry, Amy; some guys really like girls with small breasts.
[Amy is taken aback by Adrian's remark]

Adrian Forrester: Hi.
Amy Maddik: You scared me.
Adrian Forrester: What are you doing?
Amy Maddik: Um... sticks for the marshmallows, you know? But those bees.
Adrian Forrester: Wasps. Yellow jackets. Genus: Vespula.
Amy Maddik: They all sting.
Adrian Forrester: Bees won't bother you, unless you bother them. Wasps are different. They're territorial and they're social.
Amy Maddik: Social? Like they want to be friends?
Adrian Forrester: Like they attack in groups.
Amy Maddik: We should leave.
Adrian Forrester: Slowly. Slowly.
Amy Maddik: Slowly.

Adrian Forrester: Hi, Amy.
Amy Maddik: Hello, Adrian.
Adrian Forrester: You know I was wondering... Have you ever been at the lighthouse?
Amy Maddik: You mean Shelter Point?
Adrian Forrester: Yeah, the make out place.
Amy Maddik: Not since high school.
Adrian Forrester: It's nice. You should definitely go. Nick took me. Maybe he'd take you sometime.
[sees Nick approaching]
Adrian Forrester: Hi.
Nick Eliot: [ignores Adrian]

Amy Maddik: Hello, Adrian. How are you today?
Adrian Forrester: Fine.
Amy Maddik: That's good.
Adrian Forrester: Hey, Amy.
Amy Maddik: What?
Adrian Forrester: What'd you do last night?
Amy Maddik: What do you mean?
Adrian Forrester: I mean you slept at Nick's, didn't you?
Amy Maddik: Adrian.
Adrian Forrester: Well, I mean you didn't... you know...
Amy Maddik: Adrian, let me explain a little somethin' to you. One day, when you're all grown up, and you have a real relationship. You'll realize your feelings for Nick were just a thing. Just a crush. In fact, I bet by the time school starts, you'll have completely forgotten all about him.
Adrian Forrester: God, Amy... When I grow up I hope I can be just as smart as you.
Amy Maddik: Adrian, go play.

Amy Maddik: Hi.
Nick Eliot: Hey.
Amy Maddik: Brought you a present, Nick.
Nick Eliot: Cool.
Amy Maddik: Thank you.
Nick Eliot: I don't think we need another break do you?
Amy Maddik: No, no, I don't think so. Looks like you took care of everything.
Nick Eliot: Pretty much.
Amy Maddik: If it's worth anything, I'm glad you're moving.
Nick Eliot: You're glad. I'm overjoyed.

Amy Maddik: Hey, Nick?
Nick Eliot: Yeah?
Amy Maddik: I gotta ask you a question.
Nick Eliot: Shoot.
Amy Maddik: Next week, Michael's benefit.
Nick Eliot: Uh-huh.
Amy Maddik: Are you going?
Nick Eliot: Well, we, uh, have to, right?
Amy Maddik: I want you to go with me.
Nick Eliot: What? You mean, like, together? On a date?
Amy Maddik: Okay, never mind. I know I shouldn't of even a-a...
Nick Eliot: No, wait a minute. What ever happen to, "Don't get your meat where you lay your eggs," thing?
Amy Maddik: Bread where you make your bread.
Nick Eliot: Bread, bread, right.
Amy Maddik: Well, I wouldn't wanna see you slow dance with Samantha.
Nick Eliot: Mm-hmm.
Amy Maddik: ...Or some thirteen-year-old.
Nick Eliot: Fourteen.
Amy Maddik: I, uh, wouldn't like that.