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Powerglide (Character)
from "The Transformers: A Prime Problem (#2.8)" (1985)

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"The Transformers: The Girl Who Loved Powerglide (#2.35)" (1985)
Powerglide: What in the heck? Autobot Headquarters, this is Powerglide! The Decepticons are attacking Hybrid Technologies Corporation! They must be after some secret plans, or maybe some new fuel they've invented, or maybe they're gonna kidnap all the company's top scientists, or... huh? They're after a girl! It's hero time!

Astoria Carton-Ritz: Wow. That was intense. Who... are you?
Powerglide: Powerglide's the name.
Astoria Carton-Ritz: Well, whoever you are, I think you're completely the greatest.

Powerglide: Astoria, we've got to get you outta here! It's dangerous!
Astoria Carton-Ritz: What are you talking about? We're on a merry-go-round, for cryin' out loud!

Powerglide: You're a real pain in the afterburners, you know that?
Astoria Carton-Ritz: You know, you don't have to be Mr. Macho all the time, okay? Just let me help! You're like a big baby sometimes. I mean, like, I care about you. You saved my life. Of course, you wouldn't feel anything like that about me. Course not. You're a robot. You're above all those kinds of things.
Powerglide: Well, maybe I kinda sort of possibly feel that I think you're...

Powerglide: Astoria! What did you smash the antenna for? Do you wanna get yourself killed?
Astoria Carton-Ritz: I did it to save you, you dumb... oh, yell at me, I don't care! As long as you're safe!
[hugs Powerglide]
Powerglide: [embarassed] Oh, can the mush.

Powerglide: So what were the Decepticons after, anyway?
Astoria Carton-Ritz: Oh, just that necklace my father gave me.
Powerglide: You never make any sense, you know that?

[last lines]
Sparkplug Witwicky: Who would've believed it? Powerglide shot down by Cupid!
[Ironhide and Ratchet guffaw]
Powerglide: All right, which one o' you wants to be the first to get his circuits punched out?
[Powerglide enters Sparkplug's garage, and once alone, open his chest cover to reveal circuitry flickering in the shape of a heart]

"The Transformers: The Master Builders (#2.12)" (1985)
Powerglide: [repaired by Grapple] Hey, hey, hey! Airborne is reborn! Thanks a zillion! And away we go!
[flies off]

[first lines]
Powerglide: [flying] Move over, blue skies! Here comes old Powerglide, king of the cloud chasers, sultan of the stratosphere, ace of the air!
[gets fired upon]
Powerglide: Uh-oh! Somebody's aimin' to ruin my day and my paint job! But no Decepticon jet's got the zip to zap me!

"The Transformers: Blaster Blues (#2.21)" (1985)
Powerglide: [sees a plane stuck in mid-air] Follow me, pal, I'll bring ya in safely without a radio!

Powerglide: Bang, zoom, to the Moon!

"The Transformers: The Secret of Omega Supreme (#2.29)" (1985)
Powerglide: Where are you going?
Optimus Prime: To talk to the only other Autobot who can fly into outer space.
Powerglide: Omega Supreme! Sounds like a barrel of laughs.