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Quotes for
Evelyn (Character)
from Play Misty for Me (1971)

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Play Misty for Me (1971)
Evelyn: I did it because I LOVE YOU!

Man in window: People trying to sleep here!
Evelyn: People trying to talk here!
Man in window: How'd you like to tell that to the law?
Evelyn: How'd you like to go screw yourself?

Evelyn: I oughta be mad!

Evelyn: Careful! I might put your eye out.

Evelyn: The whole point of having an answering service is to call them once in a while and see if you've got any messages.

Evelyn: I should've known you'd never do anything to spoil it.
David 'Dave' Garver: To spoil what?
Evelyn: What we have between us.
David 'Dave' Garver: We don't have a goddam thing between us.

Evelyn: Something wrong?
David 'Dave' Garver: No, I keep getting the feeling I know you from somewhere.

Evelyn: Don't you like me?
David 'Dave' Garver: You're a nice girl.
Evelyn: But who needs nice girls?
David 'Dave' Garver: I'm kind of hung up on one.
Evelyn: And you don't want to complicate your life.
David 'Dave' Garver: That's exactly right.
Evelyn: Well neither do I, but that's no reason we shouldn't sleep together tonight if we feel like it.

Evelyn: It was funny, I was calling you from that phone booth over there and he was telling me you'd left and I was staring at your car - isn't that funny.
David 'Dave' Garver: Kind of funny.

Evelyn: Why didn't you take my call?
David 'Dave' Garver: Where does it say that I gotta drop what I'm doing and answer the phone every time it rings?
Evelyn: Do you know your nostrils flare out into little wings when you're mad? It's kinda cute.

Evelyn: God, you're dumb.

Evelyn: [menacing Tobie with a pair of hair-scissors] I hope Dave likes what he sees when he gets here. Because that's what he's taking to Hell with him!

Man: [as a passer-by] Having some trouble, lady?
David 'Dave' Garver: Get lost!
Evelyn: Yeah, get lost, assholes!