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Mayor Frederick Bumble (Character)
from Carry on Girls (1973)

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Carry on Girls (1973)
Augusta Prodworthy: And since I am strongly of the opinion that we are already providing more than enough entertainment for visitors, I wish to propose the motion that the provision of more would be detrimental to the good name of the borough.
Sid Fiddler: Knickers!
Mayor Frederick Bumble: Please, Councillor! I should strike that from the minutes, Miss Drew.
Miss Drew: Ah, I beg your pardon, your worship?
Mayor Frederick Bumble: Don't take down 'knickers'.
Sid Fiddler: Chance would be a fine thing, wouldn't it, love?
Mayor Frederick Bumble: Councillor Fiddler, I really must request you moderate your language while in committee.
Augusta Prodworthy: I second that.
Sid Fiddler: I do beg the Committee's pardon, your worship. But all this bleedin' codswollop about mucking up the good name of the borough gets on my wick!
Miss Drew: Should I...?
Mayor Frederick Bumble: No, no!