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Mickey 'Guns' Conlon (Character)
from Beantown (2007)

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Beantown (2007)
Mickey 'Guns' Conlon: Say it all goes down tomorrow, we got a 50/50 shot at comin' out alive. But even if we do, the Winter Hill Gang's gonna be so weak that we'll get bumped off by next fall by those Lithuanian fucks that've been movin' in on us, or those ex-KGB bastards that've been pourin' into fuckin' Allston!
Molly Finn: Yeah, or the MS-13s. Or the Tongs. Or the Albanians. You know the way this business works. You've known since you were a fuckin' kid hearin' about the wars in the 60s.

Mickey 'Guns' Conlon: We had to do it, Murphy. We had to do it to protect the neighborhood.
Robert 'AIDS' Murphy: I don't even know if this is the same neighborhood anymore. Southie I know is half dead already.

Mickey 'Guns' Conlon: We lost thirty fucking guys in two months, and all you can say is you want more? These are guys you grew up with!