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Quotes for
Darryl Knable (Character)
from Stay Tuned (1992)

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Stay Tuned (1992)
[Darryl Knable's cap and BMX bike get sucked into the HVTV dish]
Diane Knable: What are you doing?
Darryl Knable: Did you see that? That dish, it ate my BMX.
Diane Knable: Is this some sort of male puberty thing?

Diane Knable: [to Darryl] You're pizza topping!
Darryl Knable: Wait. Mom and Dad are here.
Diane Knable: They're home?
Darryl Knable: Well, not exactly.
[he points to the TV set]
Darryl Knable: Look.
[Roy Knable is on TV as a detective]

[Darryl Knable transmits his voice through the HVTV dish to the set of Off With His Head]
Darryl Knable: Dad, can you hear me?
Roy Knable: Darryl? My God!
One of the infidels: God?
Helen Knable: Yes! It's... God!

[Roy Knable arrives inside a castle]
Spike: My, my. Now you'll never get back to Kansas.
[Roy looks behind him and sees that his remote is shattered into pieces]
Spike: [raising his sword] En garde.
[Roy gets a wooden stick]
Spike: Oh, no sword. Have to talk to that prop man.
[breaks the stick]
Spike: Right about now, your wife is probably catching that train... right between the eyes. And you let it happen.
Darryl Knable: [hurling one of Roy's swords towards the HVTV dish] Here it comes, Dad!
[the sword gets sucked in the dish]
Spike: I've taken loads of souls... and none more pathetic than yours, Roy. Say good night, Gracie.
Roy Knable: [catching his sword tossed by Darryl] Not yet.
[he starts dueling with Spike]
Roy Knable: You see, I was captain of my junior college fencing team. All right. Co-captain.