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Verity Poldark (Character)
from "Poldark" (1975)

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"Poldark: Episode #1.2" (1975)
Verity Poldark: [Entering the cottage and seeing Ross sleeping off the night's drunk on the couch] Ten o'clock! What's wrong with the bedroom?
Ross Poldark: The Stairs... The stairs make no concessions as to how a man comes home at night.

"Poldark: Episode #1.6" (1975)
Capt. Blamey: [after George rides off] You do not care for Mr. Warleggan?
Verity Poldark: Is it apparent?
Capt. Blamey: To me, but then I have made rather a close study of yo. Why do you dislike him?
Verity Poldark: I have o specific reason, but I think I'm I'm apprehensive of people who continually smile.

"Poldark: Episode #1.3" (1975)
Verity Poldark: [to Ross] Love is more likely to deceive a woman than a man, so I had to be sure.