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Thomas Gynn (Character)
from "Stay Lucky" (1989)

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"Stay Lucky: A1 Rain Dancer (#1.1)" (1989)
[Thomas is thumbing a lift and Sally drives past him without stopping]
Thomas Gynn: [yelling at her car] Oh, come on! *Someone* give us a bleeding lift!
Sally Hardcastle: [to herself] Sorry, Dickhead. Not today.

[Sally stops the car and nudges Thomas to wake him up]
Sally Hardcastle: OK, Dickhead!
Thomas Gynn: What? Oh, is this it? Is this Leeds?
Sally Hardcastle: I realise it's not quite the metropolis that you're used to.
Thomas Gynn: No, I just thought it'd be a lot bigger - I thought there'd be tower blocks and all that.
Sally Hardcastle: Yeah, well you'll be very pleased to know that we *do* have gas and electricity up here.
Thomas Gynn: And right stroppy birds.
Sally Hardcastle: Out!
Thomas Gynn: Oooh. So much for northern hospitality.
Sally Hardcastle: If you're not out of this car in ten seconds, I'm going to scream so loud...
Thomas Gynn: All right. Thanks very much.
Sally Hardcastle: And if you're up here on some kind of scam, I hope you lose your shirt!
Thomas Gynn: Last time I saw a mouth like yours, it had a hook in it!
[he gets his bag from the back seat and walks away]

"Stay Lucky: Flameproof and Free (#4.1)" (1993)
[earlier, Thomas had accidentally seen Samantha in the shower and had teased her about a butterfly tattoo on her buttock; she offered to keep quiet about Thomas's spell in prison if he would keep quiet about the butterfly]
Barney Potter: [talking about Samantha] Tha can put no bloody flies over that 'un, eh?
Thomas Gynn: Only of the butter variety.
Samantha Mansfield: [primly] As I remember correctly, we had a deal on the subject of insects and institutions.