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"Clouds of Witness: Episode #1.3" (1972)
Dowager Dutchess: And you, Mary, if you must run off to London, why do it in that unfinished manner, so that I was left without the car, and couldn't catch anything until the midnight train at Northallerton? It's so much better to do things neatly and properly, even stupid things.

Lord Peter Wimsey: All right, to be serious. How did you two get on last night? Polly, did you tell him you'd done the murder?
Lady Mary Wimsey: Yes!
Det. Supt. Charles Parker: It's perfectly hopeless trying to do anything!
Lady Mary Wimsey: It's true! Your precious case is finished, Peter.
Dowager Dutchess: You must allow your brother to be the best judge of his own affairs.

Dowager Dutchess: Mary, would you ring the bell?
[Mary starts to, but Bunter has already entered]
Dowager Dutchess: Ah, Bunter! It's time for my son's medicine. Ah, he forestalls one's slightest wish. There are times when I find you quite deflating.

"A Dorothy L. Sayers Mystery: Strong Poison: Episode One (#1.1)" (1987)
The Dowager Duchess of Denver: [Referring to Harriet Vane] Curious to write about murder and be accused of murder oneself!