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Quotes for
Bryn (Character)
from "Gavin & Stacey" (2007)

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"Gavin & Stacey: Episode #1.3" (2007)
Bryn: Party? London? Saturday? A party in London this saturday?
Stacey: It's Essex.
Bryn: Yeah, in my book that's tantamount to London!

Bryn: Gwen, have you ever heard such nonsense?
Gwen: Well, it can't do any harm, can it?
Bryn: You've changed your tune!
Gwen: Well, what's the problem? We can drive up, and you'll get a chance to try out your SatNav.
Bryn: Oh... Ah... Now that is a thought. Yes. Yes. Stacey, please inform the Shipmans that I accept their offer and very much look foward to meeting them.

Pam: And you must be Uncle Bryne... uh, Brian.
Bryn: [shaking hands with her] Bryn.
Pam: Bryn.
Bryn: It means "hill" in Welsh.
Pam: Does it really? Do you know, I've no idea what my name means in Welsh.
Nessa: Why.
Pam: Cos I don't speak the lingo, darling.
Nessa: No, in Welsh Pam means "why".
Pam: Oh.
Nessa: [thinks] Or "brick".

[the men are in the kitchen, drinking the home-brewed beer that Smithy has brought]
Bryn: Ooh, it's strong, isn't it?
Mick: Yeah. You don't want too much of it. What percent is it, again?
Smithy: Nineteen.
Bryn: Oh yeah. Whoo! I like it. The funny thing is, it's not my usual tipple. Normally, I prefer a Cinzano.
[Gavin laughs a little, Smithy laughs loudly]
Smithy: [Mimicking Bryn's accent] Cinzano!
[he laughs]
Smithy: I love your accent, Bryn! It's so much better than Stacey's. Say something else, go on, go on.
Bryn: All right, uh, bear with me. I got it.
[in a thick accent]
Bryn: I'm going down the Arms Park for half a dark!
[They all laugh]
Gavin: Now say something in Welsh. You know, in Welsh.
Bryn: That's the thing, you see, I can't.
Smithy: How do you mean?
Bryn: I cannot speak the Welsh language. It's a constant source of embarrassment to me, but Welsh is not my mother tongue.
Mick: Now, why is that, Bryn? Cos, every time I've been down there it seems none of you can speak it. I mean, you spend all that money on them signs and none of you can read 'em.

"Gavin & Stacey: Episode #1.2" (2007)
[Bryn is showing Gavin the internet on his computer. Bryn is acting like the internet has just been invented]
Gavin: [bored] Yeah, the internet's just incredible, innit?
Bryn: It is, Gavin, it is, provided the remember the one golden rule, and I'll tell you what, it took me a while to get my head round it. What it is, you have to start everything, everything, with w-w-w-dot. And the best thing to do is to think of something to help remind you, like with me now, I think of "whiskey with water" which was my brother, God rest his soul, my brother's favourite drink. But it could be anything. I mean, you could say... come on, three w's. Um... women... wearing wings. No, don't say that, that's a terrible one.
[he laughs]
Gavin: What about worldwide web?
Bryn: Worldwide web. I like it, like a spider. Hey, that's the ticket, that's brilliant, you've got it. First class, that is!
[makes a funny noise, indicting he's impressed]
Bryn: What is it you do, if you don't mind me asking?
Gavin: I work in computers.
Bryn: Ah.