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Doctor Aki Ross (Character)
from Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

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Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)
Aki: This mission was well worth the lives of you and your men.
Jane Proudfoot: "Men"?
Ryan: She thinks you're a man.
Jane Proudfoot: I think she's an idiot.
Neil: I know you're not a man.
Jane Proudfoot: I think YOU'RE an idiot too.

Doctor Sid: Oh, and stay away from your friend the Captain. You save his life, he saves yours, one thing leads to another... I was young once too.
Doctor Aki Ross: Doctor, there's a war going on. Nobody's young anymore.

General Hein: Where is the PROOF?
Doctor Aki Ross: Here.

Aki: I just... I don't know how much time I have left.
Capt. Gray Edwards: Who does?

Aki: What's happening?
Capt. Gray Edwards: Dr. Cid is implanting the Seventh Spirit directly into your body.
Aki: Then you must be my spiritual support. Gray, how sweet.

Aki: Only seven years old... and yet ready to die.

Neil: How could they survive a trip across space on a chunk of rock?
Aki: They didn't.
Neil: Oh... this is all beginning to make a creepy sort of sense.

Aki: We can't just leave everyone.
Capt. Gray Edwards: Everyone is dead.

[Aki and Gray are standing in a giant crater, above which is a huge phantom]
Capt. Gray Edwards: This is not a good place to be.
[Looks down and sees swirling blue energy beneath them]
Capt. Gray Edwards: That's not what I think it is, is it?
Aki: Yes-it's Gaia.
Capt. Gray Edwards: This is definitely not a good place to be.

Aki: With the hope of new life has Gaia changed the phantom within.

Aki: All life is born of Gaia and each life has a spirit. Each new spirit is housed in a physical body. Doctor?
Doctor Sid: Go on.
Aki: Through their experiences on Earth, each spirit matures and grows. When the physical body dies, the mature spirit, enriched by its life on Earth, returns to Gaia, bringing with it the experiences, enabling Gaia to live and grow.