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Richard Newton (Character)
from Beethoven's 3rd (2000) (V)

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Beethoven's 3rd (2000) (V)
[Richard tries to find a valve while he's driving; Bill and Tommy attempt to stop him]
Richard Newton: [to Beth; after he finds the maim sewage control valve] Here it is.
Beth Newton: Here's what, Honey?
Richard Newton: The main sewage control valve.
[Richard pulls the valve as they drive pass Tommy and Bill]
Richard Newton: [to the family] See?
[cut back to Tommy and Bill,who are now covered in urine and fecal matter, they both scream]
Tommy: It's Number two!
[Bill sobs]

[Brennan tries to watch "The Shakiest Gun in The West" on the DVD player; but as he presses play, he sees a computer code]
Brennan Newton: [to his dad; regarding the DVD] Dad, this disc is a reject.
Richard Newton: What? No, that was supposed to be one of the highlights of the trip.

[Richard shows his family the RV for the first time]
Richard Newton: [to Brennan] Hey, Brennan. I bet all your friends are gonna be staying in hotels this summer. We're gonna sleep beside pristine lakes in the great outdoors, and the beauty of it is...
Richard Newton: [shouting; to his family] ... this rig has everything! So, you'll never even know you left home.
Brennan Newton: [not excited] That's just it, Dad: It's home, but smaller for two weeks.

[Richard is driving the RV through a bug zone on a desert road]
Brennan Newton: So, Dad, that hotel I mentioned? It's pretty close by.
Richard Newton: [to Brennan] We're not staying in a hotel. I didn't stay in one in my childhood motor home trip, and we ain't staying in one now! We're perfectly fine in our house on wheels, everyone got that?

Beethoven's 4th (2001) (V)
Richard Newton: Oh no! Who let the dog in?

Richard Newton: Hey, where'd he go?
Beethoven: *slurping sounds*
Richard Newton: He's drinking from the toilet! He's downing the whole bowl!
Beth Newton: Oh!
Richard Newton: Keeping drinking boy, I'm gonna get my sketchpad!
Beth Newton: Brennan, go get Beethoven out of the bathroom...

[Michelangelo, who the family thinks is Beethoven, picks up Brennan's napkin off the floor]
Brennan Newton: He just picked up my napkin.
Beth Newton: He folded your napkin.
Richard Newton: [about the dog's behavioral change] That's weird.