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Ivy Miller (Character)
from Overnight Delivery (1998) (V)

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Overnight Delivery (1998) (V)
Ivy: C'mon, Baker. Men live in hope and die in despair.

Ivy: Extra, Extra. Read all about it. Kim can shake her pom-poms but she won't go at it! Extraaa. Extraaa.

Ivy: Slut? Oh, oh, no. If I wanna bag a professor from one of my classes, I will, but nobody, and I mean nobody, calls me a slut, so the next time you feel like casting aspersions on my character, try remembering that this quote unquote slut is driving your judgmental ass all the way to Des Moines. So a little decency would be in order. Got it? Good.

Ivy: You know it's funny I thought you had a girlfriend.
Wyatt: Me? No... well yeah, but I was just killing time.
Ivy: Killing time?
Wyatt: Yeah, killing time until I met you.
Ivy: Boy, never thought I'd fall for a line like that.

Ivy: I'm sorry, were you sleeping?
Wyatt: Did my closed eyes and peaceful demeanor tip you off?

Ivy: You know, as bad as a situation ever gets, there's always time to get dressed.

Ivy: Why don't you draw some more attention to the stolen vehicle by dancing on it?

Ivy: Try this! Kim you snotty little pig I was delighted to learn of your infidelity. Your puritanical attitudes towards sex were just childish and insecure.
Wyatt: Ooh insecure give me something about her weight. She's one of those five eight, hundred pound girls that always gonna say "I'm fat I'm fat"!
Ivy: Ok! My stomach turned the last time we made out & your gut flapped against me; those cellulite packed cactuses you call thighs with the razor sharp stubble called to mind a fifth rate porno actress that I once jerked off to during the tenure of our sorry marriage of convenience. Now I can finally tell all my friends how nauseating you are to mate with. Rot in Hell! Trips.

Ivy: You're friend doesn't look so good!
Wyatt: No? Well how the hell am I supposed to look? My girlfriend is cheating on me with a guy named "The Ricker".

Wyatt: You are...
Ivy: ...Adorable?
Wyatt: An asshole.
Ivy: ...An adorable asshole?
Wyatt: Just a little good-for-nothing stripper!
Ivy: Screw you!

Wyatt: You are an incubus. A hell-spawned incubus.
Ivy: Only a male can be an incubus, if anything, I'm a sucubus.
Wyatt: Yeah, you got the "suck" part right.

Wyatt: I'm gonna be late to the airport.
Ivy: I'll drive you!
Wyatt: Really?
Ivy: Yeah, I do have a heart, occasionally.
Wyatt: Do you have a car?
Ivy: [sarcastic] No, I have a rickshaw!

Wyatt: [Global Express truck pull up] How about that?
Ivy: Its no Jesus walking on water, I give it a six.
Wyatt: That's a nine!
Ivy: [their delivery man gets out] Okay, 8.5

Ivy: Have a snowpuff smart guy.

Wyatt Trips: Lay wheels! I'm being chased by Killer Beez!
Ivy Miller: Trips, it's way too cold for killer bees. They need warm climates to survive.