Raymond 'Ray' Adams
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Raymond 'Ray' Adams (Character)
from Deliver Us from Eva (2003)

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Deliver Us from Eva (2003)
Ray: She's cute, but why's she scowling?
Darrell: That's her sexy smirk, brother.

Ray: I think I might love her.
Darrell: Love! You forgot the rule. Players don't feel. That's like a pimp with a health plan.

Eva: Did I hurt you?
Ray: Yeah... But I liked it.

Eva: How much did they pay you?
Ray: Eva, that's not...
Ray: $5000 - but I'm giving it back to them...
Eva: [punches Ray] You are exactly the person I thought you were.

Eva: Holy Mother of God!
Ray: [on horse in building lobby] HEY EVA!

Ray: Most women have a few barriers around their heart, but Eva has an electrified fence with rabid pit bulls.

Ray: I'm thinking next time we'll actually make it to the bed.

Ray: You give me your body and then you offer me your friendship?

Eva: You know, let's do something you want to do.
Ray: Anything?
Eva: Yeah - Sure.

Ray: Scared? I said I was a multi-talented guy that likes to travel. I didn't say I was scared.

Eva: So what is it that you do again?
Ray: I deliver meat.

Eva: Who told you I like lilies?
Ray: Sometimes a man gets lucky.

Eva: This is what you drive when you take a woman out?
Ray: It's clean and it's free.
Ray: [pauses] I'm saving to buy a house.

Ray: You're just a civil servant, not the FBI.
Eva: Well excuse the hell out of me.

Ray: I can't do this...
Eva: The bulge in your pants didn't get that memo, so...