Chief Blue Meanie
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Chief Blue Meanie (Character)
from Yellow Submarine (1968)

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Yellow Submarine (1968)
Chief Meanie: Pepperland is a tickle of joy on the blue belly of the universe. It must be scratched. Right, Max?
Max: Yes, your Blueness.
Chief Meanie: WHAT? We Meanies only take "no" for an answer! Is that understood, Max?
Max: No, Your Blueness!
Chief Meanie: That's better!

Chief Meanie: A thing of beauty; destroy it forever!

John: Hello, there, blue people! Won't you join us? Hook up, and otherwise co-mingle? What do you say?
Chief Meanie: Max.
Max: Yes, your Blueness er, your newness?
Chief Meanie: It's no longer a blue world, Max. Where could we go?
Max: Argentina?
John: Are you with us? Will you join?
Chief Meanie: Shall we?
Max: [nodding] No!
Chief Meanie: [threatening] Aargh!
Max: [hastily] N-n-y-y-y-y-Yes, your Newness!
Chief Meanie: Yes, Max!
Jeremy: Yes! Ah, yes is a word with a glorious ring! A true universal utopious thing! Engenders embracing and chasing of blues, the very best word for the whole world to use!
Chief Meanie: Yes, let us mix, Max. I've never admitted it before, but my cousin is the blue bird of happiness!

Chief Meanie: FIRE!

Chief Meanie: Go, glove! Point, and having pointed, pounce!

Chief Meanie: What, what, what! The glove is losing his touch!

Chief Meanie: My dear friend let us not forget that heaven is blue.

Chief Meanie: Ah, here you are my glovey-dovey. Go get thee hence, and destroy yon upstarts. Smash them, squash them, crush them! O-blue-terate them!

[Jeremy is cornered by the Chief Meanie]
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: He does, in truth, seem quite annoyed. Some reference material be-be-before I'm destroyed!
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: "Where ground is soft most often grows, arise! Arise! Arouse! A rose!
[a rose sprouts on the Chief Meanie's nose]
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: A rosy nose?
Chief Meanie: Speak your last piece!
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: Peace! Peace! Supplant the doom and the gloom! Turn off what is sour! Turn into a flower and bloom! Bloom! Bloom!
[roses sprout all over the Chief Meanie]

Chief Blue Meanie: Hee, hee hee hee hee! Oh, I haven't laughed so much since Pompeii.

Chief Meanie: Ah, the hills are alive...
Max: [sings] ... with the sound of music!
Chief Meanie: [Punches Max] Who did it? Who is responsible for this?
Max: Rimsky-Korsakov?
[Chief Meanie shoots him, Blue Menial #3 stomps him into ground]
Max: [Poking his head up from ground] Guy Lombardo?

Chief Blue Meanie: [as Blue Minions are routed] You're advancing the wrong way! Retreat backwards!

Chief Meanie: Tomorrow the world!

Chief Meanie: Let us not forget that Heaven is blue.

Chief Meanie: Are the troops in readiness?
Max: No, Your Blueness!
Chief Meanie: The bonkers?
Max: Nope!
Chief Meanie: Clowns?
Max: No!
Chief Meanie: Snapping Turks?
Max: No!
Chief Meanie: Anti music missiles?
Max: No!
Chief Meanie: The Dreadful Flying Glove?
Max: No!
Chief Meanie: Splendid! Today Pepperland goes blue-y!

Chief Meanie: [confronting Jeremy] I think I'll tear him up into little pieces.
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: Oh, he does, does he?
Chief Meanie: Yes, I think I'll make a blue burger out of him.
Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: I don't care what you think.
[tries to leave, but the Chief Meanie grabs him]
Chief Meanie: Oh, you don't, eh? We'll soon see about that!