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Tommy Santorelli (Character)
from The Sandlot: Heading Home (2007) (V)

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The Sandlot: Heading Home (2007) (V)
Tommy: Mom, put down the phone. I don't think I have a concussion. I just think I'm dead.

Benny: Maybe I should be lookin' in the same mirror you're lookin' in, kid.
Tommy: No, I wouldn't really recommend that.

Wings: Just try and hit my bat, OK?
Timber: [Timber's pitch hits Wings in the groin] Sorry.
Wings: [falls to ground in pain] Geez... Wrong bat, Timber!
DP: Guys, look at this.
Q: What are we gonna do about Timber's control problems?
Tommy: I'll bet Wings has got some good ideas.
Wings: [high-pitched voice] Timber, if I live... you'rE dead!

Sara: Well, hello there, sleepyhead.
Tommy: W-w-where am I?
Sara: You're home, sweetheart.
Tommy: No, no, no, something's really wrong. Mom? Am I dead?
Sara: Now why would you ask such a silly thing?
Tommy: Because I am wearing my Speed racer PJs that I havent seen in 30 years.
Sara: All right, fine, I got a little backed up on the laundry; there's still a lot of unpacking to do. Don't worry, your Batman and Robin ones haven't run off.
Tommy: Mom. Do you know how old I am?
Sara: 12, almost 13.
Sara: No. I'm 41 years old, I live in Beverley Hills, I have a spokin' hot girlfriend who has her own reality show, I play center field for the Dodgers? And somehow I'm back here. And you're here, and the pancakes smell so real... that I think I am gonna throw up.

Tommy: [after explaining why he's going to play on Neeman's tam] I can't risk my future for the sandlot, can I?
Timber: [his first lines] Maybe you're the one who shouldn't speak for a while.