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Lonny McRoy (Character)
from "In Plain Sight" (2008)

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"In Plain Sight: Hoosier Daddy (#1.2)" (2008)
Lonny McRoy: [seeing his new "parents" for the first time, through a one-way mirror] Good God! What kind of potato-head yokels have you hooked me up with?
Mary Shannon: Okay, look. For your information, Mr. Potato-head yokel in there, helped bilk the U.S. government out of nearly three billion dollars.

Mary Shannon: [after 10-year-old Leo cleans out the officers protecting him, in a poker game] You know, you may want to keep in mind that those men you fleeced, are supposed to protect you.
Lonny McRoy: Why do you think I let them win half their money back?

Lonny McRoy: My Dad used to say, if someone really wants to kill you, there's nothing anyone can do about it.
Mary Shannon: Yeah, well... your Dad never met me.