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Quotes for
J. Carroll Corcoran (Character)
from "The New Batman Adventures" (1997)

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"The New Batman Adventures: Judgment Day (#2.9)" (1998)
J. Carroll Corcoran: Two-Face, please! I got money! Cash! I can pay you!
Two-Face: Don't tell me choir boy's got a slush fund.
J. Carroll Corcoran: Kickbacks from the Gothcorp project. A hundred grand... I can have it here in an hour!
Two-Face: Should've said something earlier. We could have flipped on it.

J. Carroll Corcoran: What are you waiting for! They were going to murder me!
The Judge: Who are you to judge? You pose as a defender of the law while secretly stealing from the very people you swore to protect.
J. Carroll Corcoran: No! You've got it wrong!
The Judge: And then you lie to the Judge!