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Quotes for
Pinky (Character)
from Friday After Next (2002)

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Next Friday (2000)
Pinky: C'mon, Young Blood. Don't kill me, man. I got a mothafuckin' girlfriend. I got a wife on the side.

Pinky: [points a gun to Craig's head] Don't move! Or I'll blow your goddamn head smooth off. Now back up. Slowly! Don't say a word.
Craig Jones: But I was jus...
Pinky: [cuts Craig off] I said don't say a word!
Pinky: [giggles] Little muthafucka gonna try and rob me. Well I'ma show you how we do it here in Pinky's *noogah*.
Craig Jones: I wasn't trying to...
Pinky: [cuts Craig off] Shut up! Before I bust a cap in yo' ass. Now what'chu been done wit' Day-Day and Roach?
Craig Jones: Day-Day is my peep...
Pinky: [cuts Craig off] Shut up!
Pinky: Now who sent you, nigga?
Craig Jones: Nobody sen...
Pinky: [cuts Craig off] Shut the fu... Did I say... Ohhh, nigga! I'll... oh, shit! Say something! Say something else, nigga! I'ma tie yo' monkey ass up.

Pinky: [sobbing] Day-Day... is this your cousin?
Day-Day: [worried] Yeah, that's my cousin...
Pinky: Good, 'cause you're fired!
Day-Day: Who, me?
Pinky: And Roach, you're fired too!
Pinky: [Roach and Day-Day chattering]
Pinky: Oh, I heard that! Say it again! Say it again!
[looks at Craig]
Pinky: I was just about to bust a cap in your ass. Give me back my motherfucking pistol. Fuck out my store.

Pinky: Looky here, baby. You're hittin' them corners too goddamn fast. You need to slow this motherfucker down, you understand? I almost spilled my 'yak on this $200 suit, nigger. Come on, baby, keep it together.
Pinky Chauffeur: Yeah, whatever, motherfucker.

Pinky: Whoo. Nigger had me scared, but I held my own, fuck that.

Pinky: Shit, nigga had me scared, but I held my own, fuck that.

Friday After Next (2002)
Pinky: [Pinky's limo hit Santa Claus; to C.W] Ain't playin' with you, nugga. Didn't I tell you I was gonna fire yo ass if you hit someone else!
C.W.: No, I didn't hear that part, Pinky.
Pinky: After you hit that little retarded boy with the fucked up walk!
Pinky: You costin' me money, C.W.

Day-Day: Why'd you fire me, Pinky?
Pinky: I had to! You were always late, fool.

Pinky: [outside the bathroom door] Say, nugga! This is Pinky, nuggah, I got to go pee-pee!

Pinky: [after hitting Santa Claus with the limo] He's still breathing. Get yo ass back in the car. Come on, nugga!
C.W.: Right, motherfucker.