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Sir Colin Thackeray (Character)
from "Doctor Who" (1963)

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"Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom: Part Five (#13.25)" (1976)
Doctor Who: Somehow a Krynoid can channel its powers to other plants. All the vegetation on this planet is about to turn hostile.
Sir Colin Thackeray: You mean like aggressive rhubarb?
Doctor Who: Yes, aggressive rhubarb.
Major Beresford: What? homicidal gooseberries?
Sir Colin Thackeray: Heh, heh. You are joking, of course, Doctor.
Doctor Who: No, I'm not joking.

Sir Colin Thackeray: [on phone, trying to get UNIT support for the Doctor] This is Sir Colin Thackeray. I am aware that the brigadier's in Geneva. I must speak to a senior officer. This is a matter of national security. Yes, national security.
Amelia Ducat: Invent a code word, they love that. What about "Operation Nuthouse?"

"Doctor Who: The Seeds of Doom: Part Six (#13.26)" (1976)
Sir Colin Thackeray: Well, Doctor, do you think we've heard the last of the Krynoid?
Doctor Who: Sir, Colin, the Intergalactic Floral Society - of which, quite naturally, I'm the president - finds Krynoids a difficult subject to study. Their researchers tend to disappear.
Sarah Jane Smith: Hmm, I can imagine: a case of one veg and no meat.