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Gustav Svensson (Character)
from "Svensson Svensson" (1994)

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"Svensson Svensson: Ett äventyr för familjen (#3.1)" (2007)
Gustav Svensson: [gets scared by Greta] Oh!
Greta: You're Gustav, right?
Gustav Svensson: And you must be that little girl from Poltergeist.

Gustav Svensson: [telling Greta a fairy tale] Once upon a time... Before the e-mail came and ruined everything.

Lena Svensson: [to Gustav who's watching TV] Something new, important happened in the world?
Gustav Svensson: Nah, Papa Smurf fell into that well. But they've got him up now.

Max Svensson: I want more crisps!
Gustav Svensson: What are you shouting about?
Max Svensson: I will live here for a while now and I'm still your kid. Get me more crisps.
Gustav Svensson: And I'm still your father so I've eaten them.